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Mac naming schemes. - helen-louise
Mac naming schemes.
[11:17] <baratron> i never understand how so many stupid Mac users have their machines open when they're staying in a hotel
[11:17] <baratron> i can see 9 other Macs here
[11:18] <baratron> and since the default name for a computer is Firstname Lastname's Mac, i know who owns them
[11:18] <baratron> *mine* is locked down so it doesn't appear on public networks
[11:18] <DysTuvai> good grief, the apples are metastasing. >>
[11:18] <baratron> and is in any case called Praesodymium
[11:19] <DysTuvai> ... that is an awesome name for a computer.
[11:19] <baratron> Macs have to be named after f-block elements *nods sagely*
[11:19] <baratron> Silicon Graphics machines have to be named after d-block elements
[11:20] <DysTuvai> ... that's... an interesting way to look at it
[11:20] <DysTuvai> XD
[11:20] <Teapot> you're such a scientist. :p
[11:20] <DysTuvai> I'm not quite sure what is the connection
[11:20] <DysTuvai> But it's just another one of those awesome HL things
[11:20] <DysTuvai> ^^
[11:25] <baratron> it's how the computers at college were named
[11:25] <baratron> we did not have PCs
[11:26] <baratron> i suppose they'd have to be s- or p-block elements
[11:27] <DysTuvai> All I can say
[11:27] <DysTuvai> Is that this degree of geekery is pure unrefined awesome. XD
[11:27] <Teapot> And also quite likely to make a Mac's trendy aluminium head explode. ;D
[11:28] <baratron> the lecture theatre we had for our final-year lectures had each seat named after an element, in order
[11:28] <baratron> i usually sat in Copper or Cobalt
[11:28] <Teapot> that is brilliant
[11:28] <baratron> the building does not exist any longer :(
[11:29] <DysTuvai> It was too awesome to exist.

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redbird From: redbird Date: 28th January 2012 18:06 (UTC) (Link)
This machine is named WoodDuck: all our hardware that gets named has bird names (though the printer is just HPLaserjet1012), not "$name's Mac/PC/Linux box".
otterylexa From: otterylexa Date: 29th January 2012 10:41 (UTC) (Link)
Ryan Tucker From: Ryan Tucker Date: 31st January 2012 03:14 (UTC) (Link)
Over the last month, the only non-Apple hardwares on our guest wireless network were a Windows XP machine and @veryfineredwine's Playbook ("Research In Motion: Debian-based Linux"). All of the Apples follow the pattern you're describing.

I should start invoicing.
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