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A Lesson in Bisexual Invisibility. - helen-louise
A Lesson in Bisexual Invisibility.
I had an interesting lesson in bisexual invisibility earlier today. I discovered that Jim Parsons, the actor who plays Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory, is in a same-sex relationship in real life. His partner's name is Todd Spiewak and they've been together about four years. Now, I always thought that Sheldon pinged my gaydar - although the character's asexual, he "sounds gay"; and it turns out that Jim talks exactly the same way in interviews. (Although not quite as socially awkward).

But there I am, a proud bisexual since I was 11 years old, assuming he's gay - when he's not out as anything! It's not a secret that he's in a same-sex relationship (he thanked his partner in his Emmy acceptance speech in 2010), but he's not explicitly said what his sexual orientation is. All we know is that he lives with and loves a man. But there I was assuming he's gay!

One relationship is not enough data to assume someone's sexual orientation. As a scientist, and a bisexual, I should know better.

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