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What a difference 12 hours make...

Damn, it's 4.30am already and I promised myself I'd go to bed at 4. Still not tired, though. I seem to have got into a pattern of going to bed at 6am and waking up around 4 or 5pm, which would be fine except that I have to be at work at 1.30. Ugh.

Last night I was up ridiculously late because I was stressed out about going to the dentist. Like a lot of people, I have a fear of dentists. Except that mine is totally irrational - my teeth and gums have always been fairly healthy and I've never had a dentist-related traumatic experience. I don't know where the fear comes from - and yet it's clearly there. After avoiding the dentist for 3 years, I finally made an appointment because (a) the pain I get in one tooth was bad enough that I thought I should get it checked out, and (b) I'm sick of having tooth-falling-out nightmares.

So the wolfy took her fangs to the fang doctor, and he said they are strong and good for biting. (Thorough looking and prodding and x-rays showed nothing wrong with that tooth - it must be referred pain from sinuses). And the sun was shining even though it was 9.30am - a warm, yellow light that, though bright, didn't hurt the eyes. Much better than the harsh white light we get in winter. And the wolfy felt happy and comforted.

There are still lots of things I've been meaning to post and not got round to, but my left elbow is hurting for no apparent reason, and I don't want to type any more. Time for chocolate (soy) milk and bed.

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