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Presentation practice.

I am at college practising my talk in a huge empty room. It's scary.

As I don't have keys to this room, I'm going to have to take my laptop and phone to the loo with me. And will probably lose my connection in the process and have to go through the hassle of closing all my Firefox windows and waiting until I can log in again. Ah well. Water's okay - the water fountain is immediately outside one of the doors to this room, and although someone could theoretically run in one of the other doors, run to the front, grab my laptop and run out again, I think I'd hear them.

I did my talk in front of my supervisor earlier and it was 12 minutes long instead of 10, but with panic and witter. Now I need to practice until I can do it without the panic and witter.

Note to self: Aspartic acid.
Tags: literature report, presentations

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