helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Strange & disturbing things, and Links of the day.

I found this whilst looking for resources on bisexuality: the soc.bi FAQ in haiku. I know quite a few of you are obsessed with haiku, so I pass it on.

Meanwhile, jamese has been getting some very odd spam: Time travellers please help!

And quiet000001 has written some hot, hot NSync slash. And I don't even like NSync or fancy any of them!

I took the Which Powerpuff Girls character are you? test and discovered that I am Buttercup, even though my most prized possession is an octopus! In other "finding out things about myself that I didn't know" (sarc) vein, I discovered that my battle cry is MEEP!

I had an erotic dream about a friend of mine this morning, and I feel vaguely guilty about it. It wasn't a surprise to have the dream because I already know I fancy him, but in real life he's profoundly monogamous. So I feel guilty to have "corrupted" him, even though (a) it was a dream and (b) I have absolutely no control over what I dream about. Where this fits into my fondness for slash is an interesting point. Ah well.

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