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Please send cognitive spoons. (Or brainspoons, if you prefer).

I have a new, absolutely hard and unbendable, deadline of 6th July for the work I was supposed to have got done by 4th May. Which is going to be tough because I'm still not brilliant with regard to attention span and concentration, and I'm also pretty sure I have more than 6 weeks work to get done.

I think I can get at least enough to pass done, but I need to start working over weekends and things. Currently my headspace is such that I find it impossible to work after Friday afternoon and before Monday afternoon. I also have a few events planned which I don't want to miss - I'm going to Leeds next weekend for Alex-from-Pokecharms' birthday party, we have the Download festival from 8th-10th June, and we're seriously thinking about going to Whipsnade to see the bears one day over the Queen's Jubilee bank holiday.

Well, I won't have any more students for a couple of months after Tuesday, so maybe I won't be so exhausted during the week, so I won't need so much downtime? Ugh.
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