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An Evening of METAL! and BEARDS!

I don't have much time for a gig review because I have COURSEWORK TO DO, but Adrenaline Mob was awesome. They were playing in a tiny venue holding 620 people when full (Tutu's at King's College Union - a place Richard knows well from his misspent youth doing sound & lighting there instead of studying), but no more than 400 tickets were sold. The individual band members range from "quite well known in certain circles" to "actually very famous". (Most people into prog, rock or metal have heard of Dream Theater, the band Mike Portnoy co-founded). And yet, rather than throwing diva-esque tantrums about their new supergroup not getting much publicity, the four band members were having the time of their lives. They played so hard that we were showered in their sweat, made genuine eye contact with individual members of the audience, shook hands, bumped fists, posed for photos while playing - all the stuff you can't possibly do in an arena.

If you get the chance, and are at all interested in metal, check them out. Really. They won't stay this small forever.

Anyway, now you can see what Mike Portnoy did to Paploo's t-shirt! M is for Metal + Mike indeed.
Look what Mike Portnoy did to Paploo's t-shirt!

Paploo meets Adrenaline Mob!
Paploo meets Adrenaline Mob!
Being asked to pose with an ewok is not even the weirdest request they've had this week.

Me & Richard with Mike Portnoy!
Me & Richard with Mike Portnoy!
One of these men is my husband. The other is a very famous drummer.

All of Adrenaline Mob.
L-R Richard, Mike Portnoy, Me, Paploo, Russ Allen, Mike Orlando & John Mayer.
Both the Mikes are hot. I apparently made Mike Orlando's night by telling him he is "gorgeous". He said I should say it louder so the rest of the band could hear.

Adrenaline Mob's Guitar Tech is Also a Beardy Wuzzie.
Adrenaline Mob's Guitar Tech

We were THIS close to the stage.
We were THIS close to the stage.

Mike Portnoy gave me one of his drumsticks after the show. He didn't throw it into the crowd like earlier pairs of sticks, he actually came down and handed it to me!
I got a drumstick!

Paploo is very happy.
Paploo is very happy.

Richard is posting actual gig photos on Facebook, if you're interested. I might copy some of them here later, when Time Exists.
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