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Getting sick of access fails

I've always loved this song (where "always" is a function of when the song was released, since it only came out a couple of months ago), but suddenly it seems really appropriate for my mood.
So many people wearin' beautiful things
So many voices shouting under the music
There's no reaction to the party within
The ghosts dancin' silhouette on the white light

My back sweats in the heat of the crowd
the rhythm talks, but I can't hear it
Don't think I ever heard the music so loud
Don't think I ever been so eager to leave
It's gettin' harder to believe

On my own
It appears that the party's over
On my own
By myself (I'm on my own again)

At least I finally found my earplugs, so I might be able to spend more than 2 minutes in the evening social space tonight :/
Tags: bicon, disability

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