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Two questions of life-shattering non-importance.

I am typing this naked because I'm too hot after my shower. I usually wash in the morning because standing under a shower warms me up and wakes me up, but I felt far too smelly to leave it until then (especially as I'll probably get up 5 minutes before I have to leave for work). The reason for this smell is not general lack of hygiene, as you might suspect, but the cream that I've had to put on my sore elbow for the past few days. It has some sort of amine in, and after a while you really do get a nice rotting fish smell. Yum.

Anyway, Richard and I were cuddling for a couple of hours today and having the random sorts of conversation we have whilst cuddling. (For me, something I look for in a partner is the ability to have in-depth conversations about anything and nothing.) After discussing Current Affairs and The State of the World, we moved on to lighter topics. Such as:
me: What's the name of the plant that tea is made from?
R: Tea?
me: Yes, but every other sort of tea is called something tea. Like 'raspberry leaf tea'. What's tea - tea leaf tea?
R: Just tea.
me: So is the drink named after the plant or the plant named after the drink?

me: This reminds me of the joke where the bear says "Do you find that shit sticks to your fur?" and the rabbit says "No", so the bear uses him to wipe his arse.
R: I thought the rabbit said "Yes", and so the bear says "Oh good", and uses him to wipe with.
me: It was definitely "no" in the version I was told, because the whole point is that the rabbit can get clean again easily.
R: I thought that the whole point was that the shit would stick to the rabbit's fur.
me: Hmmmm.

And so I present these questions for my readers' delight and delectation:

So "tea". Which came first - the plant or the drink?

The plant.
The drink.
They were named at the same time.
They were named at the same time, but completely independently. (What a coincidence, huh?)
Actually, I'm a lexicography geek, and I know that the word "tea" comes from... (continue in comments)

What did the rabbit say to the bear?

Yes (the shit does stick to my fur).
No (it doesn't).
Gee, I love hairy guys. Is that real?

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