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I wrote this post this morning and forgot to send it.

We're leaving for Zürich in an hour's time. I have entirely failed to sleep, and it's now late enough to even try sleeping. Instead, I'm running a bath, and I've put the oven on to make a hot sausage sandwich. It's damned annoying. Our flight isn't until 11:25, but I have to check in by 9:25 because of having to check in my wheelchair. Ugh.

Switzerland is amazing. I'm looking forward to trains that leave on time. The last, and until now, only time I've ever been in Switzerland was with the Guides when I was 16. Our train broke down and it made the national news. I believe it arrived 45 minutes late. Given that we were from a crappy little commuter town vaguely near London, our trains can be 45 minutes late on a NORMAL day. The train staff were amazed how calm we all were, and we kept explaining that we were used to trains being late, so it was no hassle - and they just couldn't understand ;)

Anyway, I just made an international call to the Swiss train company's disabled assistance line. I was worried because the website says you need to give an hour's notice for assistance requests (which is already an order of magnitude better than the British train companies' 24 hours - and even with a confirmation you can't guarantee the assistance will happen), and of course I don't know exactly which train I'll be on because I don't know when my flight will arrive. It could be early, or late, or some other emergency might happen. However, it turns out that I can get on any train called S16 without needing help, since I can roll straight on. And it turns out to be a double-decker train, so my mother will be super excited since she loves those.

Edit due to late posting: It all worked. Tired now, going to bed.
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