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Celebrate Bisexuality! - helen-louise
Celebrate Bisexuality!
Tomorrow is, variously, International Celebrate Bisexuality Day or Bi Visibility Day.

I couldn't decide whether to go to the London BiFete or the Brighton Evening With Cake, so I'm doing both!

I will be at BiFete with my friend Lou from 2-3.30ish, and then at the Brighton Evening from 6-8pm. And on trains the rest of the time.

I have discovered that First Capital Connect are actually competent, and were able to book my assisted travel despite my journey consisting of three separate train companies. This is so amazing that I might have to die of shock.

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From: artremis Date: 22nd September 2012 22:16 (UTC) (Link)
We should have some purple vegan cake (though apparently the icing won't be because that bakery's vegan icing doesn't take colouring well)
(Deleted comment)
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