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The Worst Internet Faker Of All Time?

So, anyone who's known me for a while will know that I have a "thing" about internet fakers - you know, people who fake their own serious illnesses or deaths on the internet. Thanks to fake_lj_deaths, I've possibly found the most egregious faker of all time.

This girl claimed to have cancer as a result of AIDS - that she'd caught from a rapist, seizures as a result of the cancer, and also deafness. None of this is true.

There are photos of her online with "feeding tubes", "oxygen masks", a "catheter", shaved head because of her "cancer treatment"... Videos of her online "having a seizure". She even faked seizures when friends were visiting.

I can't stop reading this crap. It's ridiculously compelling. And all quite convincing, apart from the times when the silly little cow was showing off tattoos despite allegedly having cancer and AIDS, and having photos taken "while in a coma in the ICU" with a pet cat visiting.

I know from all my research around the topic that people who lie to THIS extent are really quite mentally ill, so need a certain amount of sympathy rather than complete and utter hatred - but it's hard not to hate someone who could make friends with genuine cancer sufferers, and convince all her friends that she was dying.
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