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Thorpe Park or Chessington on 1st May.

I said I was going to write about my userpics and what they mean tonight, but I'm having a lot of trouble concentrating on that post. My mind is wandering off on another subject entirely - one that I don't want to write anything about until I've had the chance to think about it some more. So I've hit a dead end when it comes to updating my livejournal with anything sensible.

In the meantime, I should at least let you know that londonstatto, wuzzie and myself will all be going to a theme park on Wednesday, and anyone who's reading this would be welcome to join us. James pointed out that with the prospects of "Mayday riots" in central London, it would be a good idea to avoid it, and we'd been wanting to go theme parking for a while. So it's the ideal excuse, really. Not sure whether it'll be Thorpe Park or Chessington yet - one's a fair bit closer than the other, and we're probably going to see the Wildhearts in Portsmouth the night before (so I might well just want to go to the nearest place), but I'll let you know when we decide. If you want to come, email me or comment :)

I have some vouchers to get a £7 discount off admission to Chessington, by the way, if this swings any votes.

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