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Fiction, brains, and rude stuff.

I haven't been writing in my journal because I've been writing (crappy) fiction instead. Apparently, I entirely lack the spoons to write coherently about my life, or to be social with friends; but I can write coherent fanfic. Go figure. I miss being extroverted whenever I flip into introversion, since it's so alien to my "normal" state, but it rarely lasts more than a few months.

Hardly anyone has apparently read my last dose of crappy fiction, so here is a link to the livejournal post that explains it. Don't worry about not being familiar with the universe, I've written it in such a way that it should be obvious who the good guys and bad guys are, and why exactly Martin spends the whole game desperately needing A Nice Cup Of Tea and A Cuddle. None of which he gets, by the way. Just more and more books.

If you're not into even vaguely erotic fiction, or if you are but are traumatised by reading it when it's been written by someone you know, or if the canon trauma and dubcon would be upsetting, then you have an excuse. I just can't believe that applies to all the people who still read my livejournal except for 3.

Still rather unwell in the head. Have been to the doctor, who suggested increasing the dose of venlafaxine very slightly, and taking a "drowsy" antidepressant to help with the sleep problems. I'm not sure if it's helping, but I do seem to have slept slightly better the past couple of days.

Also, I need a Man Who Has Sex With Men to beta-read the sex scene that I'm writing and tell me if it's plausible. Ideally a couple of different MSM who are not connected to each other. Probably not ones called Martin though, unless you can do a global search and replace before reading the document. I know it reads like gay sex written by a girl, but there's not much I can do about that.

Right now, about 95% of my sexuality is being driven by the gay man in the back of my head. It's very odd. Still not transgender though, since I'm happy enough being female most of the time.
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