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More fanfiction

I just posted a story over at AO3 which is so profoundly rude that I can't even share the tags with you for NSFW-ness.

If you have any interest in explicit gay pr0n then please go here: Taking the Nine in Vain

Fandom: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Emperor Martin Septim/Hero of Kvatch, explicit. A sequel to "Guardian of His Dreams", but in this Alix de Feu has a gender. A very definite gender.

An attempt at writing porn without plot, which failed due to too much plot. Can be enjoyed without knowledge of Oblivion, but contains spoilers and foreshadowing for the end of the main quest.

Rating: 18

* Explicit Sexual Content
* Explicit Consent
plus three more that are too non-worksafe to mention.

Please comment if you read it. I'll, um... screen comments here. Let me know if it's okay to unscreen.
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