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Dead of Period Pain and Adorable. - helen-louise
Dead of Period Pain and Adorable.
So, today I've been having period pain so bad I felt as though the entire left side of my abdomen was going to explode, making it Opiates or Death time. Blargh.

Possibly as a result of this, I did something I swore I was Never Going To Do Again, and booted up the very terrible Sims Medieval. Much ranting on irc occurred, since I couldn't remember anything about how it works. The camera mode is greatly restricted compared to Sims 3, and while the Medieval sims look like Sims 3 sims, they aren't - if you take a sim created in one game and put it in the other, you get HORRIBLE MUTANTS. I didn't even remember that Medieval is the world's stupidest version of The Sims, since you can't actually build anything, which is the Fun Part. Also, while I've long known suck at making characters who look like real people, I'd have thought that making a character from one game in another game would be easier. Not even SLIGHTLY!

Anyway, thanks to Tailon on PokeCharms, who has a *very* good eye for attention to detail, this happened:
Sim Martin?

He's still not perfect: in particular his nose is too long and mouth are too wide, since apparently Medieval Create-A-Sim lies, but that's very recognisably Martin Septim.

And then this happened:
Alix and Martin cuddle

They cuddled spontaneously!

And after Martin kissed Alix once (a peck on the cheek), he had the option to ask for Alix's Hand in Marriage!

I am fairly sure it only happened because it was Alix and Martin, and they were so desperate to get from Oblivion (a game where hugging is Not Possible) into a game where they could actually hug at will ;D

They also managed to snog for about half an hour non-stop.

Alix in Martin's arms

Please leave your expressions of Death By Cute below ;)

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treacle_well From: treacle_well Date: 8th November 2012 13:14 (UTC) (Link)
YOU are simply too cute.
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