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Actual news - part 1.

Lately, I've been using livejournal as a place to write down random thoughts. I keep forgetting that I have actual news to post. So here's a very brief synopsis of what I've been up to the past few weekends. Of course, this'll miss out on anything interesting that happened during the week, but as I've been working evening shifts lately, I haven't had much time to do interesting things during the week. Most people (the_maenad excepted) don't want to meet somewhere in London at 9pm!

On Friday 15 March, I went to the Liquid Lounge with Kit/kyte, nickie/nitoda, Toni and David/wuluf. None of the usual London polybi lot were there - but we had a very good time nonetheless. We lounged around on cushions in the basement and generally snuggled together in random combinations. kyte came home with us. Saturday 16 March was elfgeek's party. otterylexa kindly drove us to the party, where much fun was had with people I have already mentioned plus quite a few others that I now can't remember. Richard, Alexa and I snuggled together on the futon in aegidian's bedroom that night, but Richard had to get up hideously early on Sunday 17 March, because he had to be at home for a courier who was coming at 12pm. Oops. I didn't get up until a lot later, and when I did I found that people were watching a Very Disturbing DVD of The Muppet Show from the 70s. Eventually I went home. Tim/meeping and Peter came round, and later so did Kit and Alexa. I can't remember what we did because it was too long ago, but I imagine it was the usual Sunday evening watch videos and/or play video games.

On Friday 22 March I went to Chessington World of Adventures with lovingboth. It was a good day for it - the first day of the season, a weekday during term time, and slightly grotty weather - so it was fairly quiet. The longest we waited for anything was about half an hour, I think. Unfortunately, not only was the Vampire not ready after renovations, the Rodeo was closed too - and the Rattlesnake (which in the absence of Vampire is my favourite ride there) broke down four times during the day! We still managed to go on it quite a few times. The main problem I had was that I was suffering terribly from hayfever, and ears, nose and throat are all joined together, and ears are necessary for balance - so I spent a lot of the day feeling nauseous. Which is annoying when there are fast spinning upside-down rides to go on. Ah well. When I got home, I managed to cause havoc in the kitchen by discovering exactly how not to make satay sauce. Saturday 23 March was the annual Drunk Bisexuals' Easter party, organised by djm4 and katyha, but I'd already decided not to go as there'd be too many people there. Can't remember what we actually did do! I think I might have slept a lot, actually. Sunday 24 March was presumably Just Another Sunday. Not a bad thing - I like our regular lazy Sundays.

Nothing of any interest happened on Friday 29 March. I was working funny bank holiday hours, and couldn't be bothered to go out afterwards. Worked on Saturday 30 March too, but after that elfgeek and aegidian came round. We were supposed to be spending the afternoon watching poly videos, but in the end we just gossiped about various people (mainly ourselves, for anyone who might be worried!), played Crazy Taxi and Samba de Amigo and ate food. Sunday 31 March was Easter day, but the most Eastery I got was giving cards to my parents. I had a cold, so didn't go to my grandmother's as planned. Peter's parents were over so they were doing things with them, but Alexa came round, which was very pleasant :) We didn't really do anything special. While she was here I played the Sims a lot and spent about 5 hours online shopping for a Dreamcast chip - how romantic! (She said she didn't mind, and besides, she was geeking on her own computer). Monday 1st April was Tim's birthday, so we did Tim's birthday things. Alexa stayed over until Tuesday and went home then.

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