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More Science news (with a little bit of Politics) - helen-louise
More Science news (with a little bit of Politics)
Pink Science, '50s-Style. Interesting comparison of a "Lab Technician Set For Girls" to the hideously gendered "Chemistry" kits of today.

What Milgram’s Shock Experiments Really Mean: Replicating Milgram's shock experiments reveals not blind obedience but deep moral conflict, from Scientific American.

Maps of the 2012 US presidential election results, organised in a number of ways. Interesting but slightly freaky.

Positive pregnancy test diagnoses man's cancer. From Reddit, apparently.

BEST VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE YEAR!!! Two very good dogs teach you chemistry. This is beyond amazing. If you have ANY interest in chemistry or dogs, or even if you don't but you don't actively dislike dogs, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

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elynne From: elynne Date: 16th November 2012 04:22 (UTC) (Link)
the dogs! WAUGH DED OF CUTE.
alexmc From: alexmc Date: 16th November 2012 19:13 (UTC) (Link)
Is it just me who thinks that Milgram should be a unit of electricity?
(Deleted comment)
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