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Why StellarWind and I love each other, Part 953

An irc log of great silliness, in which I made a typo, and then we crossed the memes.
Meme 1: Dot Dot Dot a.k.a. a Dramatic Reading of a very bad video game review (by someone who didn't realise that the game was a parody).
Meme 2: History Lessons a.k.a. THE BEST story on skyrimkinkmeme, not even slightly sexual, and the reason why I fall over squealing at the word "TEN!". Oh yes, and another spoiler for the ending of the Oblivion Main Quest.

I don't expect this log to make sense to anyone other than us, but I am Recording it for Posterity nonetheless, because it makes me laugh.

[02:57] <baratron> so... did you read the thing i sent?
[02:57] <StellarWind> Yes I did ^^
[02:57] <baratron> did it woyk?
[02:57] <StellarWind> it was awesome.
[02:57] <StellarWind> Aye. It woyked quite well!
[02:57] <baratron> anything need changing?
[02:57] <StellarWind> Now why are you speaking with a brooklyn accent all of a sudden?
[02:57] <baratron> shutup i'm eating a cupcake
[02:57] <StellarWind> XDDD
[02:57] <StellarWind> SWEETROLLLLLLLLLLS
[02:58] <StellarWind> The Daedric Prince of Baked Goods strikes again
[02:58] <baratron> i thought that was quite good one-handed typing?
[02:58] <StellarWind> It is, but the brooklyn accent is kind of unexpected
[02:58] <StellarWind> or is it a jersey accent? i'm not sure
[02:58] <StellarWind> whatever
[02:59] * StellarWind flings a toaster oven at NYC as a whole.
[02:59] <baratron> eff you. i missed ONE letter. ONE!!
[02:59] <StellarWind> ALL YOU DO IS PRESS ONE
[02:59] <StellarWind> BUT TEN
[02:59] <baratron> ...not TEN!!
[02:59] <StellarWind> THE ENTIRE TIME.
[02:59] <StellarWind> EXPLAIN TO ME
[02:59] <StellarWind> ....... XDDDDDDDDD
[03:00] <StellarWind> oh my gods
[03:00] <StellarWind> we were making two different references but they MESHED TOGETHER SO WELL XD
[03:00] <baratron> they did!
[03:00] <StellarWind> Just for the record. I love you. That is all. XD
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