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"Fun" with spellcheckers!

Having finished my 50,000 words, I decided to spellcheck the bugger. I found precisely 6 spelling mistakes: 'beserker' (which I ALWAYS get wrong), 'defense', 'pretense', 'offense', 'vascillated' (which I swear I checked before writing), and 'drafty', plus one which I refused to admit was a mistake: 'artifact' instead of 'artefact'. The game uses "artifact" all the way through, and apparently that's correct American English, and you can justify both spellings perfectly well with Latin - so sod it, I'm keeping the 'i'.

But the point of this post isn't to congratulate myself on my l337 spelling skillz (which, after all, are as much down to luck as anything else). It's to share with you the wonders perpetuated by my spellchecker upon words from the fantasy universe. Enjoy:
Akaviri --> Aviatrix
Argonian --> Oregonian (for reference, this is what an Argonian looks like)
atronachs --> anachronism
Camoran --> Cormorant
Chironasium also --> Anachronism. When in doubt, change it to Anachronism!
clannfear --> clearance
Cyrodiil --> Crocodile
Cyrodiil's --> Codicil's
Daedra --> Redraw
Daedric --> Cedric
Daedroth --> Dorothea
Dremora --> Memoranda
Earana --> Rearrange
Erthor --> Exhorter
Gwinas --> Gnawings
Jerall --> Overall
Leyawiin --> Winnable
Maborel --> Macabrely (this is a word? Oh, hang on - macabre + ly.)
Mehrunes --> Prunes (PRUNES Dagon!)
Namira --> Namibia
Sinderion --> Derision
Tamrielic --> Torricelli (no idea about this one)
Teekeeus --> Musketeers
Xivilai --> Villain

My personal favourite is Ayleid --> Rayleigh, which is, among other things, the name of the town where my friend Tim came from originally.
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