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Actual news - part 2.

We have a new computer, thanks to wuzzie being rather good at recycling. Yay! It's much faster than the old one - a Pentium IV 933 compared to a Pentium 166 - and it has a lot more RAM. We're going to give the old one to my mum to replace the extremely worn-out 25 MHz 486 she's been using for years.

If that made no sense to you, or even if it did, see what we did on weekends from 6th-21st April.

On Saturday 6th April I went to see "Friends and Family" at the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival with Tim and Peter. Then went home to sleep. On Sunday 7th April I went to see "Gypsy 83" with Paul from work (who has managed not to be mentioned in this journal so far, even though I've meant to write about him a few times!). Both of these films were truly excellent, and I should write a Proper Review sometime. But not tonight - it'll be gone 5am by the time I finish writing this.

On Friday 12th April Alexa came to stay for the weekend. She was supposed to be bringing Rowan, her husband-type person with her, but he wasn't feeling well. I've met Rowan twice, but he's very quiet at least in face-to-face conversation with relatively unknown people, so I have pretty much no idea what he's like. I feel like I Should get to know him, simply because I know Kit (Alexa's gf) really well and I think it's important to know your partner's other partners, but I'm not sure how we're going to do that. I should email him sometime - but not tonight! Saturday 13th April was Kit's birthday party. Met George, Kit's new bf. I made the poly web molecule and confused myself immensely. Went to bed with Alexa at a vaguely sensible time, but ended up talking all night, including discussing ways to reform the House of Lords at 5.30am. Other people would've been having sex. We're such geeks! On Sunday 14th April we did much driving and getting stuck in traffic, along with Kit & George and Tim & Peter (at different times). On Monday 15th April Alexa and I went to see Hush! in the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and likewise that was excellent and I should write a Proper Review sometime. BUT NOT TONIGHT!

Friday 19th April was a crap day - I was depressed and panicky and blah. But Alexa was in London to meet spods, so she came to stay with us afterwards. OnSaturday 20th April I went to work. Alexa and Richard went geek-toy shopping, and then to the Monochrome meet. kyte and George were there, as was londonstatto. Yes, it's a small world. I got home and played Parappa the Rapper 2 all the way through in one sitting. Oh dear. On Sunday 21st April Alexa went Mono-meeting again, I slept a lot, and Richard built our new computer. Then Tim and Peter came round, Peter cooked, Tim played Parappa the Rapper 2 all the way through in one sitting (I spot a trend here), and we all played Typing of the Dead.

OK, I am going to bed now!

If you were with me for any of the aforementioned events, and you think I have remembered something incorrectly or missed something out, feel free to add corrections in the comments :)

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