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Woohoo: I've just bought two tickets to go and see the Wildhearts on Tuesday. (Long-time readers of this journal will know that they've been my favourite band for a very long time.) I have sorted out a nice chap from the Wildhearts mailing list to give me a lift down to Portsmouth, and more importantly, back again; whilst getting to Portsmouth should be easy 'cos there's direct trains from Surbiton (which is 5 minutes on the bus from here), it seems there's engineering work on Tuesday 30th and the last train from Portsmouth back to London will leave at 22:24, which would mean leaving the gig ridiculously early. Eep. All hail Chris, person with a car.

Now I have to make sure I get to bed at a sensible time: I have a long day at work tomorrow and I can't afford to be late. I have to get up at 11am, which is quite reasonable really - thousands of people are happily awake by then - almost in the middle of their working day, some of them. But that means going to bed by, oh, 3am or something - and how am I going to guarantee being tired by then? let alone tired and able to sleep? Argh. I need to get a new body clock - there must be one available for download somewhere...

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