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Too Many Interests Time Again

My livejournal profile was horribly outdated again. Time to adjust my interests. Bloody hell, I had a lot to change - stuff on there that should have been removed 4 years ago, and other stuff that I should have added 4 years ago.

80s music
Amplitude - still love the game, but haven't played it in years.
Atmospheric science - I ran away from this field of work and back to medicinal chemistry. Yay.
Dance Dance Revolution - ditto.
Frequency - ditto!
Irritable bowel syndrome - not one of my current diagnoses, I went vegan and it went away.
Laurell K. Hamilton - her books are trash. I know they're trash. I read them because they're trash, but if I leave her in my interests people might think that I think they're good ;)
Lesbian erotica - who the hell am I kidding? Last time I read and enjoyed a lesbian story was... years ago. I'm way too gender dysphoric to be interested in women doing women right now. Men doing men ALL THE WAY.
Mega City Four - removing them was actually agonising: one of my favourite bands when I was a teenager and actually one of the reasons I'm still alive; but I haven't listened to them in years.
Noodles - I like noodles, but I'm not sure if they need to take up a space on my interests list.
Playstations - have not used one in months.
Sims 2 hacking - have forgotten everything I ever knew about it ;D
Spiky haired boys - I like them, but they're not my main focus.
Venus Envy - this webcomic is deader than the dodo.

Elder Scrolls - the game series that has eaten my life.
Oblivion - Elder Scrolls IV
Skyrim - Elder Scrolls V
Martin Septim - OH GODS I LOVE THIS MAN. Character. Whatever.
Xbox 360 - what I play my Elder Scrolls games on.
Rock Band - the rhythm action game I'm playing now instead of Frequency & Amplitude, go Harmonix!
Eureka Machines - awesome pop-punk band.
Ginger Wildheart - my favourite artist in teh world (typo intentional).
Wolfsbane - another long-term favourite band.
Terry Pratchett - the only reason he wasn't on there was lack of space.
South Indian food - to go with the Chinese and Japanese.
Chronic fatigue syndrome - because, oops.
Long hair and beards - om nom nom.
Men who do men - no surprise for anyone who's ever met me ;D
Bears - both the large omnivorous mammals and the big hairy gay men :D

Also, there is an actual description of me in the big box that previously said "This profile intentionally left blank", so if you've recently friended me (and I know I've gained 3 new LJ friends in the past couple of weeks), you should probably go and read it. Just to make sure that you don't suddenly hate me or something :D

Any comments or questions? I doubt any of you care that much, but feel free to ask if you do.
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