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I have to go & get a blood test done a.s.a.p., ideally about when I wake up later today (which will probably be about 3pm). I need to find out whether I have the very evil c(o)eliac disease. Obviously, I am hoping for a result that is so absolutely negative that I can go on eating wheat, spelt, barley, & other gluten-containing grains with impunity for years to come. Though I am actually more afraid of a borderline result than a positive one. If I have to change my whole effing diet, I have to change my whole effing diet - I've done it before and it didn't kill me. But if I get a result which says "you might have it... Have another test next year" (or however these things work), that will be Stressful.

So please pray to your deity of choice for a nice clear result, and if you do not possess a deity then I shall recommend the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who is so obviously the god of delicious carbohydrate products :)
Tags: medical phobia, my weird medical stuff

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