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Blargh, and Writing.

So I had the choice of three different End of the World barnights/birthday drinkies/Christmas drinkies parties tonight, at three different pubs in central London. And instead I am at home ragingly ill with a cold. Probably caught from going to see The Wildhearts on Monday and freezing my tits off on the way home (despite a pair of leggings, a pair of jeans over the top, legwarmers over those, thick winter boots, a mesh top, two t-shirts, a thick hoody, a big winter's coat, a scarf, hat, and gloves - and then borrowing one of Richard's hoodies as a blanket!).

It's the sort of relatively low-level infection that, if I were otherwise healthy, I probably wouldn't be bothered by at all. As it is, it's enough to turn me from "coping" to "non-functional". Sigh. Haven't been able to get my blood test done because too ill to leave the house. Have to do that next week.

In other news, I finally like the story that I've been writing with Someone who can make themselves known if they want to. It doesn't suck anywhere near as much as it did last night, since he fixed the bits that weren't working and just generally improved the dialogue and characterisation. I made a couple of minor corrections today, as soon as my brain was working, and yeah. It's done.

Also, I have been such a Miserable Ovoid Creature this week that I haven't mentioned this at all, but Someone wrote me porn! Yay! It's what I think of as porn, so much more talking and cuddling and comforting, and then delightful loving sex - rather than, I dunno, some of the stuff I've been reading recently as "research". Not that I don't like to read really explicit sex scenes because I do, but I seem to be wired to prefer sex with context - either between established lovers, or with new lovers after a period of discussion and negotiation. I'm really not a SURPRISE BUTTSEX kind of girl. Two sad, lonely guys talking about all the people in their lives they've let down and how guilty they feel about it, then hugging as they realise that the other is the only person they've ever met who can truly understand, then hot sex... oh yes. I'd be in my bunk, if I wasn't already there from illness :S

Update: Eeee! Someone on the Skyrim Kink Meme specifically requested me to write her Not Porn! Snuggly friendship fic between my two characters before they were lovers! Eeee! I'm famous! :D
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