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What? h-l drew something?!

As is well known, I do not possess Skills of An Artist.

But my dear friend stellarwind keeps saying Very Funny Things on irc, and as a result of a conversation we had, I was compelled to draw this little Elder Scrolls: Oblivion comic. It took me nine and a half hours because I can't draw, so no bitching about the lack of backgrounds or the fact that Martin's Emperor robe isn't perfect please :D

If you know nothing about Oblivion, the one piece of information you need in order to enjoy it is that "septim" is both the name of the currency of Tamriel, and the surname of its Emperors. And possibly that the big red thing with four arms is the Big Bad Guy of the game who is trying to take over/destroy the world.

65,607 + 1 Septims
Featuring my character Alix de Feu and Emperor Martin Septim.
Also random Trogdor from nowhere since he's the only dragon I can draw.

I wonder if I can send one of the OTHER septims to save the world...?

Click to load a bigger image from deviantArt and to read the commentary :).
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