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Oh, my life is boring.

My sleep patterns are completely jangled and upside down again. I worked very hard on chronotherapy, staying up later by a couple of hours each day and waking up a bit later... but then I came over randomly ill with a raging fever and had to go back to bed. Now I'm back to waking up at 1 am and going to sleep about lunchtime. This is so utterly, utterly non-ideal I cannot tell you - though at least this particular sleep pattern is more functional than the one that involves waking up at 8pm and falling asleep around 9 am, since at least I am awake during some of the daytime.

I have no functioning brain. None at all. I need to see my doctor pretty urgently to see what she says about the hospital's bright ideas for chronic fatigue recovery. But she randomly wasn't in yesterday, and is never in on Thursdays, so I need to try to get an appointment tomorrow. Yay. Hoping she agrees to everything and I can get started this week.

Apparently the Department of Work and Pensions is paying me lots of money in back DLA. I got the letter confirming DLA last week and the letter confirming the payment this morning. Gosh. Will reserve jubilation until the money is firmly in my account, though.
Tags: chronic fatigue, sleep disorders

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