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The "Joys" Of Owning A House

Oh, bloody hell. Apparently our toilet has been leaking (clean!) water for long enough that our kitchen ceiling is now damp. Those of you who have visited recently will be aware of the "hippo" in our plumbing that "sings" every time you flush the toilet. Yes. Well, it turns out that the tap that refills the toilet has been leaking, and that's been the source of the hippo noise. OH JOY. Thank deities it is the clean water filling it that's been leaking rather than the waste leaving! :O

Also the kitchen ceiling is leaking. We're going to need a new bathroom carpet (no loss, the existing one has needed replacing for as long as we've lived here), and floor (bah), and kitchen ceiling (quadruple bah). Richard just ran off to make a hole in our ceiling in an attempt to drain the pooled water quickly.

We Do Not Need Extra Work.

Edit: Richard has just drained 2 litres of water out of the ceiling! :O
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