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About Thyroids
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From: jinian Date: 14th February 2013 03:22 (UTC) (Link)
Apparently even in the US it can be really different in different places/insurances, judging by Jenett's comment! Still, with your symptoms and that last TSH number you'd think they'd want to do something about it. Good luck with it.

The advice I'm seeing more and more often for all kinds of health problems is to get quantitative about your symptoms, which does seem more important with something that doesn't have associated pustules or anything. Have you been keeping records of mood and sleep, or anything that you could correlate with those numbers?
jenett From: jenett Date: 15th February 2013 02:29 (UTC) (Link)
For what it's worth, the tracking that seems to have helped with my diagnosis -

- Exhaustion, on a 10 point scale (where 1 was "I would like to lie down on this floor and go to zzzzz." and 10 was "the most awake and energetic I've ever felt.") My best days for a while in there were 4s, and there were a lot of worse numbers.

- Concentration, similar scale (to try and track brain fog) with notes about how often I couldn't do things I used to be able to.

- I got a lot of hot flashes/cold shivers, and I tracked how often they happened. (At the worst, it was 4-5 hot flashes and 2-3 bouts of shivering for 20 minutes)

- I brought the Elise with me to an appointment for her to comment on noticeable changes in hair/skin, and the fact I had had to start wearing socks.

- And notes on the self-care stuff I was already doing and that wasn't helping.

the combo seemed *really* helpful
12 comments or Leave a comment