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What I have been up to lately.

Went to work on Friday afternoon (26th), but was knackered. Luckily, I had the evening off, because I'd thought that the London Bi Social would be then. It seems they've moved it from last Friday of the month to last Tuesday of the month, which of course I couldn't do because it clashed with the Wildhearts. Oh well. So after finishing work I went to dinner in the Chinese round the corner with Paul, and then I came home and went to sleep. Got woken up when Richard came home so I could take my tablets, played The Sims for a while, then went to bed again. Tim/meeping and Peter came round on Saturday afternoon. Richard decided to sleep all afternoon, so the three of us went shopping in Kingston, and bought Mad Maestro, then went home to play it. It's really great (at least for rhythm action freaks like us) - for a start, we didn't complete the whole game in one sitting like we did with Parappa 2. In the evening, we went to Tinseltown for dinner.

Then on Sunday (28th), Marcus/hatter and Cath/bfo came round, and we played Typing of the Dead and watched the Jackie Chan DVD that Richard was given ages ago but which we'd never got round to watching. And we had dinner in Nando's. On Monday I was working all day, and yesterday I went to see the Wildhearts in Portsmouth. Oooo :) Danny actually looks really damn healthy, for the first time in about 6 or 7 years. To say I'm glad would be an understatement. I'll write more about the gig some other time, but in the meanwhile here's a link to my photos, in case you're interested.

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