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I feel as though I'm completely and utterly in the wars at the moment. Not only do I still have that virus (although the symptoms have shifted and I'm clearly getting better), but I managed to hurt my right shoulder and upper arm in my sleep on Tuesday night! So I woke up far too early and spent the whole of Wednesday in pain :( Again, it's better than it was, but not fixed.

Then, barely 5 minutes after I left the computer last night, I puked up the entire contents of my stomach including all my meds. Really disgustingly, there were actual pills in my puke, so I knew for a fact I needed to take them again.

I'm not sure whether there was something "wrong" with something I ate or whether my gut muscles were just irritated with coughing. We'd made soup, which was delicious, and then I'd eaten a chocolate cake which is made by a company who specialise in allergy-free stuff. Everything was within its date and tasted fine, so I'm pretty sure it was random rebellion of the stomach department. But I couldn't eat something else so I could take the meds again, so I had to fall asleep without them, then wake up and take them after a few hours sleep and a couple of ginger biscuits. Of course, this meant I had delightful weird bad dreams for a while :/

Then I woke up this evening, took my inhalers, coughed, and immediately puked again. Just snot that I'd swallowed, I think, although it might also have been my thyroxine pill that I'd taken a few hours earlier. Urgh. Seeing as there wasn't an actual pill-shaped thing, I have no idea if I should be taking it again, although the pill is so very tiny that I guess it dissolves into white powder very soon after swallowing.

I feel repulsive because I haven't washed my hair in about 2 weeks (it needed a wash just when I started going down with this), nor had a bath since last Thursday. I just can't because I can't control my body temperature when I'm ill like this.

And I called Richard to get him home early because I didn't feel well and needed him here, and the trains are fucked. Emergency engineering work is taking place between Waterloo and Vauxhall, AND signalling problems at Clapham Junction, AND a customer being taken ill at Earlsfield. Amazingly, that screws up both the fast (main) line and the slow (suburban) line at once! I swear I've never actually seen both lines messed up at the same time in all the years I've lived in this area.
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