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blurs and filters.

I'm still here, an hour after I said I was going to bed, because I checked my "friends" page to discover that quite a few people that I know from elsewhere have started journals here too, and I had to stay up to read all of their recent entries. I now have the following people listed as friends: adjectivemarcus, bfo, ciphergoth, clairaide, emperor, firecat, inquis, jinian, katyha, kshandra, londonstatto, mactavish and meirion, as well as the polyamory and compersion communities.

It's interesting to note how I came into contact with these people. At first, I tried to split them into "real-life" and "net" friends, but I've been online for so long that distinctions like that blur. (I actually have only one close friend who's not online in any of the same places that I am, and he's an exception in many ways.) Some people are obviously people that I met in real life first, such as inquis, who I met when I was 9, and londonstatto, who I met at college 4 years ago, but the people I've met through alt.polyamory and various bi places blur and merge into my real life. Of the people listed above, I've spent at least a few hours in real life with all but two. I am attracted to four of them. At least two of them are attracted to me...

Well, I'm going to head off to bed now, and hope that I don't sleep all day. The weather outside is yucky - after a dawn so bright that I had to close the blind in order to see my screen properly, it's now all clouded over, and I don't think I'll be missing much if I sleep now. Hopefully Tim and Peter might be able to visit tonight, before they head off on their "quadralingual holiday". (I should explain this. Tim and Peter are going on holiday with Peter's family. Tim is British and speaks English (and at least some French, but that's not relevant now). Peter is Dutch and speaks English and Dutch (and some other languages). Peter's parents are Dutch, and I don't know what they speak apart from Dutch. Peter's brother speaks Dutch and German, and Peter's brother's girlfriend is German and doesn't speak Dutch. So there will be at least three different languages being spoken amongst the people on the holiday. And they are going to Italy, which makes four.) Otherwise, I'll just log on again later and read the more than 1000 messages that have appeared in alt.poly since I last had time to clear it.

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