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Moan bloody moan. - helen-louise
Moan bloody moan.
Urgh. I feel so ill. Felt like I might be going down with something on Thursday and have progressed through the various stages of a cold ever since. Made the mistake of going out for dinner on Sunday evening, and since then have also had a raging fever and severe aching as well. Not happy.

Also, my laptop charger is now so broken that it only charges if it's in one very precise orientation. (The laptop and battery are both fine, I had them checked over by the Apple Store a couple of months ago, when this first started). Since a new one costs £60, I have emailed my university Disability Office to ask whether I can just buy it from the Apple Store (10 minutes away!) and claim the cost back, or if Student Finance England are going to be wankers and expect me to wait until one of their official Disabled Students' Allowance suppliers can get one to me. I rather suspect that the latter will be the case, and it's anyone's guess whether I will actually achieve an 85W MagSafe power supply for 15" MacBook Pro made before 2010, or whether I'll be sent one of the other wattages, or an 85W MagSafe 2 power supply, or... Who knows. (Also, I think I might need to fill in a DSA form for next academic year. I can't remember if I've done one yet).

Also also, I put in a repeat prescription yesterday with a request for 5 items, and only 4 of them were dispensed. There is no indication as to why the fifth one wasn't, it hasn't run out of repeats yet, and I even wrote in large, bright blue letters on the first page "5 items on form". It's megadose folic acid, which every so often I think I don't need, stop taking for a couple of days, and then have a horrible mood crash and end up crying my eyes out for several hours whilst wishing I was dead. I have 2 days supply left, so I need to ring the doctor's surgery and say "Oy", but I have no spoons left at all.

Also cubed, one of the Important Drugs on my repeat prescription is going to run out within the next 8 days. Therefore I need to make a doctor's appointment. Currently I am too sick to leave the house, and certainly too sick to sit in a room full of other sick people and swap germs. Urgh.

Also to the power of 4, I need to talk to my next-door neighbours about smoking right outside the front door, rather than passive-aggressively closing the window whenever smoke blows in :/ That definitely requires spoons :(

In happier news, I watched Dara O Briain's Science Club on BBC iPlayer yesterday and it's amazing. They report science news in a reasonably non-patronising way, and do lots of little experiments during the programme itself, in all areas of science. I'm mildly amused because one of the presenters is someone I knew at Imperial, a guy called Alok Jha. He looks absolutely the same as he did then, which isn't bad considering he's claiming to be 37. (I don't think he can be, since I'm sure he was a third year when I was a first year, and I don't think he would have gone to uni aged 16... But maybe I'm misremembering).

Everyone say "Happy birthday" to my dear ex-girlfriend artremis tomorrow, because she's awesome, and I have failed to get a card to her due to the aforementioned sickness and blergh. She likes bunnies, knitting, coffee, and plushies, so if you can find pictures of knitted bunny plushies drinking coffee, that might work well.

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barakta From: barakta Date: 30th July 2013 23:31 (UTC) (Link)
DSA suppliers are obliged to repair equipment within 3 days or lend suitable alternatives. You probably will need to go via the supplier cos SFE won't take your word for it that it's fucked. If you (or someone else) contacts the supplier they should decide if they're sending a replacement or courier collecting the machine (ask for a loan machine if this is the case).

LMK if I can help with the above - although suspect Mark is even leeter than me.

Sorry to hear you're ill, that's just plain unfair. argh at smoky neighbours too!
baratron From: baratron Date: 31st July 2013 04:02 (UTC) (Link)
*twitches violently*

I think I'd rather pay the £60 myself than do without this laptop! It has my EVERYTHING on it!
From: artremis Date: 30th July 2013 23:46 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you :)

Holding the ill retreats soonest and other annoyances can be resolved.
I have had post-BiCon feverish-cold-type-lurgy too which has resulted in not-breathing-enough and meant I missed Trans* Pride but am improving now (inevitably quite slowly) - if it is the same set of germs you should be over the worst now/very soon.
(Deleted comment)
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