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Deeply and profoundly stressed. Dealing with stressors now. Have failed to enrol at uni because the College website is currently down. But I have filled in my Disabled Student's Allowance form, and found and photocopied all the new medical evidence for it. I have also dug out all my overdue library books and found some photos of myself to get a new library card. (I go to Birkbeck College but also get library books from University College London as well, and their library card expires at the end of each academic year. The books are overdue because I couldn't renew them).

I still need to claim back all the receipts from my DSA for this academic year, and photocopy all the evidence for a Freedom Pass, but I can't deal with any more stress tonight.

I have no idea when to attempt sleep. I slept from 5pm to 11pm or so, waking up because I had a headache from not taking my meds. That was after having been awake since, er, 9pm the night before? And I need to be awake by 1pm today. I'll, um... worry about it later.
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