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Biosynthesis. And also medicine.

Woo. I feel clever. I worked out that a certain molecule had to be put together in cells by polyketide synthesis. And the mechanism I sketched the other day appears to be basically correct, except I didn't know about a particular gene carrying out selective reductions.

I am recording this since research involves many episodes of feeling like you are the most stupid person on the planet and no one could possibly be as awful as you, and it's nice to celebrate those occasional moments when you get to feel pleased with yourself :)

In other and mostly unrelated news, I am Annoyed with the Pain Management Clinic at Kingston Hospital for failing to get back to me regarding the results of the MRI I had on 5th August. I have been chasing them up since last Friday. The receptionist suggested that the pain management doctor might call me at the end of his clinic on Monday, but he hasn't and - to be honest - nor did I expect him to. I just want to know what's supposed to be happening next, you know? Do I continue taking more and more gabapentin? Is there something obviously physically wrong that they might be able to treat?
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