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Mostly spectroscopy - helen-louise
Mostly spectroscopy
Tired. The past few weeks I have done very little other than teach myself spectroscopy from a book, play Oblivion, and deal with a large amount of internet forum wank. The spectroscopy is in preparation for the real spectra that I need to start interpreting as soon as possible. It's interesting, but only to people who already know about organic chemistry. For example, I got very excited yesterday to see a peak at 2220 cm-1 on an infra-red spectrum, because normally there's basically nothing between 2800 and 1800 cm-1, but you have to know that in order to be excited about it. Hrm.

I keep thinking that I should comment on people's posts, and especially keep thinking that I should write a few reviews of books I've written recently, but it's SAD season and I'm tired, and my PhD work has to take priority. I feel moderately positive about my work - every so often I have episodes of "I'm so stupid, why don't I know/remember this stuff?", but they last less than a minute because my brain's immediately countering it with "Because you haven't thought about it in 14 years", "Because techniques have improved and you never learnt this before."

Anyway. I thought I should post even though this isn't very interesting to people who aren't me, so you know I'm still alive. Also, I want livejournal to have more content on it. I swear that most of the sharing of interesting links has moved onto Twitter or Facebook, but I don't much like either of those. Ah well.

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wandra From: wandra Date: 30th November 2013 10:50 (UTC) (Link)
Glad to know you're still alive. So am I, it appears. I've just started reading LJ again, who knows I may even work up to posting something. :-)

Also, it's lovely to read about your spectroscopy excitement. Even if I don't know much about spectroscopy (A level chemistry was a long, long time ago...)I like to know you are getting excited about it. (Does that count as frubbling, I wonder?)
baratron From: baratron Date: 2nd December 2013 04:27 (UTC) (Link)
Hooray! And do post something. I'd love to know what's going on in your life.
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