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New Year's Eve - helen-louise
New Year's Eve
Is anyone in/near London doing anything interesting on New Year's Eve? We are entirely struggling to find a rock/metal club playing the sort of music we like. One friend is going to Shenanigans, but the list of bands is seriously not Richard-friendly (although I wouldn't mind most of it), and a random person on the internet suggested Jubilee at the Barfly, but even though it's run by Chris McCormack who was in two of my favourite bands, most of the music played at the club is apparently stuff that would make me scream, and that's even without the stairs.

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nitoda From: nitoda Date: 27th December 2013 07:16 (UTC) (Link)
We're not doing anything this year. I may even go to bed early. Have ballet matinee tickets for the 1st.
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