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Visiting Canada? - helen-louise — LiveJournal
Visiting Canada?
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epi_lj From: epi_lj Date: 26th January 2014 22:18 (UTC) (Link)
Sorry it took so long to get these; I haven't been home during daylight since I initially said I could take photos! In any case, here's the essential "getting from public transit into our house" narrative:


Step 1: This is where the bus stops, and you turn right at the corner. It's only a couple of metres.

Step 2: It's again just a short few metres and then you turn right where you can see the big bushes on the right hand side.

Step 3: This was my first concern. The opening in our hedge is very narrow. Also, the walkway is sloped upward, and may be kind of treacherous in the snow.

Step 4: These are the front steps.

Step 5: Just a slight bump leading into the front mud room:

Step 6: The lip leading into the house proper. This is about 15 or 16cm tall.


Step 1: Other direction from the bus stop, to the rear of the house. I'm utterly terrible at estimating distances -- maybe 20 metres? You can see the rough condition of the sidewalks in winter here.

Step 1: Left turn and up the driveway -- this is okay now, but can get pretty treacherous if it's icy because of the way water pools on it. Also, again, the surface condition may not be great.

Step 3: There's a lip here, up onto the patio. The door *does* swing all the way open. There's a BBQ here. You have to make a left turn.

Step 4: These are the rear stairs. The back stair is a but buried in show, but there is a stair there. Right turn at the top.

Step 5: Unfortunately, you can't see the lip leading in to the rear mud room. It's not huge but it's there. Left turn once in the mud room.

Step 6: Rear mud room. Mostly taken to show available room. Stuff could be moved around if necessary. Left turn at the end.

Step 7: The lip into the kitchen. It's about the same height (around 15-16cm) as the front one.

Other possible issues:
  • The bedroom that's on the main floor is very cold -- if it's cold out like it is now, the thermostat in the room shows 13'C at the moment. There *is* an electric baseboard heater in the room, although we haven't tried it since the house was renovated, so I can't attest to its viability or how well it works at warming the room. Whether this is an issue or not depends on how cold it is, of course.
  • The condition of the sidewalks and the driveway is highly variable and weather-dependent.
  • The main floor bathroom is small, narrow, and awkwardly shaped. I doubt a chair could get into it, although it's *directly* across the hallway from the bedroom, so it's not a far trip from there, and there's a little hallway area in front of it as well. I can take a picture of necessary.
  • I can't remember what your cat stance is, but the cats are very used to having the run of the house.
  • While the bus stop is, as you can see, very close to our house, for touristing, we're right near the very end of the line, then a bus ride further from there. So it's not exactly centrally located.
  • Although we've made our kitchen various-things-free at various times, it's not generally anything-free if there are any serious issues there.

If you do stay elsewhere, we'll be more than happy to come up and visit, though!

Edited at 2014-01-26 22:24 (UTC)
baratron From: baratron Date: 28th January 2014 00:43 (UTC) (Link)
We feel both educated and informed!

I would have no problem getting the wheelchair through the gap in the hedge since it has two powerful motors, but I can't guarantee that the hedge would survive :D If you are at all attached to your hedges, I would suggest the back entrance as more practical. It also has one fewer stair.

Either way, getting the wheelchair up those stairs is going to be fun. It doesn't enjoy being dismantled, and even if you *do* take it apart, the lightest part weighs about 40 kg. I do not need to be in the wheelchair while it travels, so a couple of long sturdy planks of wood would make the whole thing more do-able. Hrm.

The kitchen does not need to be anything-free, as long as I know what I can eat.

Can I let you know in a few days? Bit disorganised right now. Also, Richard isn't sure when his job will finish, and there's no way I could manage travelling on my own with my stuff.
clawfoot From: clawfoot Date: 29th January 2014 19:18 (UTC) (Link)
I am in fact the opposite of attached to those hedges. If they happen to not survive your visit, I would count it as a blessing and a personal favour.

I hate those hedges. :)
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