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Sooo... I'm currently sitting in the hotel room with a wheelchair with a flat tyre. For me personally, this is among the most frustrating things I can think of that could happen while travelling. Any kind of wheelchair breakage renders me basically stuck in the hotel. I suppose I could limp down to Reception and get a taxi somewhere, but that's money I don't have and a serious amount of limping. Normally, I'm just using the wheelchair because I get exhausted when walking long distances. Today, my left knee has decided to act up and it's a struggle just to get from the bed to the bathroom. Argh!

But this hotel is amazing. One of the things about staying in a fancy hotel is that they bend over backwards to help. Reception sent up a Maintenance guy who listened to Richard and came back with the tools he needed to get the wheel apart. Except we still don't have a bicycle pump.

Tags: aargh, disability, wheelchairs

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