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What we have here is failure to communicate.

Safely home. Got in yesterday morning and went to bed for 6 hours, then Tim & Peter came round to take me out for dinner, then I went back to bed and slept for another 12 hours. I would now be feeling like a human being if my mother hadn't spent the whole day driving me insane.

Today I had a great Need To Be Alone. While I'm usually pretty extroverted, travel knocks me out and afterwards, I just want to be on my own while I recover. It's at least, in part, a chronic fatigue thing - having to deal with other people and take in unnecessary aural input exhausts me sometimes. But she decided to spend the whole day here, trying to organise our damned house before Richard gets home, and failing to take hints. I don't know how much more explicit I needed to be, since "I would like to be left alone, please" wasn't good enough.

To me, being "left alone" means being alone in my house.

To her, it means that she stays downstairs most of the time and only comes up to bother me once or twice an hour :/ I guess I should have said "Please will you go home", but I only just thought of it :/

So she decided I was being ungrateful for her help, when it was her simple PRESENCE that was annoying me. I've been getting progressively more-and-more bad-tempered, and only calmed down in the hour and a half since she left. And I haven't got anything done all day, because I needed alone-time in order to summon up the requisite attention span to do what I wanted.
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