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Grrr - helen-louise
I wish my husband would stop setting his alarm for 9.30am when he has been up working until 4am & has no intention of leaving for work until 11.30 at the earliest. All it does is wake me up, & enough that I can't readily fall back to sleep. If you wake my belly up, then you wake the rest of me as well. My belly is busy shouting "HUNGRY!" at me & I am trying to placate it with ginger nuts & chocolate milk, but I feel awful from lack of sleep.

Oh yes. And then he has the nerve to snore at me! ARRGH!

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Current Location: In my bed
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anansi133 From: anansi133 Date: 6th March 2014 18:23 (UTC) (Link)
sounds to me like there should be a rule that whoever sets the alarm, surrenders their right to the bed when that alarm goes off. He wants to sleep in after waking you up, let him do it on the couch!
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