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oh, shit

I have a couple of long livejournal entries to post, but they're going to have to wait. I've had a sore throat since I woke up this morning, and as the day's gone on I've been feeling more and more ill. My head has started to hurt in the way that makes trying to focus on a computer screen a Bad Idea.

Going down with flu isn't good at the best of times. It's more unpleasant when you've missed a fair bit of work because of depression, and (a) need to build up a better attendance record (b) can't afford financially to be sick. It's particularly bad when you've just started taking a new drug that can cause "a shortage of white blood cells, lowering the body's resistance to infection". Apparently I am supposed to tell the doctor immediately if I have a fever or sore throat. Bloody surgery's closed, so I'd better get offline to call NHS Direct and find out if I should call the emergency doctor or just wait until the morning. And after that I guess I should call work and tell them I'm ill. Damnit!

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