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I'm back! Although you could be forgiven for not knowing that I'd gone anywhere, since I didn't post about it due to a complete lack of spoons.

Richard and I went to the Download Festival and slept in a tent for four nights. There was much music and not much sleep - partly due to the loud music, but mostly due to the last flight out of East Midlands Airport being about 1.30 am. I actually managed to sleep through a whole load of loud music on Sunday morning due to being absolutely collapsed with chronic fatigue, but I couldn't get to sleep all the time there were aeroplanes going overhead.

I need to write up all of the bands we saw. Actually, I still need to write up Sunday of last year's Download, and some of 2012's Sonisphere (!) because I like to have a record of bands I've seen and what I thought of them. However, right now I am too knackered and too busy. I have to give a presentation about my work at the Graduate Symposium next Thursday (26th), and I didn't manage to get it written before I went away. Right now I'm not even sure if I'll get to celebrate my birthday this weekend because I might need that time for Powerpoint wrangling (urgh!).

I am so freaking tired. If you've never had an illness which left you with severe fatigue, imagine the worst flu you've ever had, and the exhaustion, brain fog, and all-over aching from that. I sorta want to fall over dead for a few days and not have to worry about anything - except I can't because I've got Things to Do.
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