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Not Dead Yet

I am Not Dead, I'm just dealing with very low energy. As in: I had a Livejournal post all planned in my head, but after chatting on irc for 20 minutes I've lost the ability to write it. All I've been doing since coming back from Sonisphere is sleeping and playing Elder Scrolls Online, because that fulfils most of my urge for companionship without actually exhausting me the way conversation seems to.

I "need" to write up both Download and Sonisphere, because we saw lots of bands we've never heard of before and quite liked, and I want to remember who they were so I can check them out again. I also want to post some of the photos from my birthday trip to Whipsnade. And then I need to get back into my College work, since I have a mountain of stuff to do over the summer. Argh *flail*.
Tags: chronic fatigue

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