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Calling 999.

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to call the Emergency Services by accident. I thought I'd written about this in livejournal, but it must have been one of those posts I'd intended to make but which never actually made it out of my head. How annoying. What happened was that the autodialer at work hit a number which must be the direct dial number for a 999 exchange. Until this occurred, I didn't realise that 999 actually had a direct dial number - I thought it was routed separately. But apparently it goes through the normal exchange like anything else. So if you accidentally dial 01602 xxxxxx (number deleted for obvious reasons), you get through to the emergency services. Hmmm.

Driving home from hatter and bfo's tonight, I had to call 999 on purpose. A bin store immediately adjacent to the Shell Select petrol station at a fairly major road junction was on fire. Now fire + petrol can be an explosive situation, so we pulled off the road and I dialed 999. Luckily they already had a report of this, and about 2 minutes later Alexa saw the fire engines arrive in her rear-view mirror (we were a fair bit further down the A3 by this time). I'll be interested to see whether this makes the papers, and if it turns out to be arson.

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