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Uteruses are evil. - helen-louise
Uteruses are evil.
My uterus hurts. It doesn't hurt quite as much as it did on Monday, when I got my old copper coil taken out and a new Mirena coil put in, nor as much as it did on Tuesday when the strongest over-the-counter codeine was barely touching the pain, but it's definitely hurting a lot more than I like.

I believe that the theory is to get all of the pain out of the way now and then it won't hurt much for five years. Especially since copper coils are known to aggravate period pain and the Mirena is supposed to lessen it, but it's like my usual menstrual distress ramped up to ten. Super cramps, dreadfully aching legs, needing to pee approximately every 5 minutes (okay, once an hour), and severe digestive TMI. And this despite the fact I am eating bucketloads of "happy tummy pills" for the over-40s. And I'm only 38! (The "over-40s" pills contain 6 strains of intestinal bacteria rather than only 3).

But it's just that it's gone on so long. If you don't already have a Mirena, then they insist on putting it in during or immediately after your period. And I had the worst bloody period that I've had in years during BiCon. A full week of really bad pain and extremely heavy bleeding by my standards. (I recognise that "heavy" for me is "average" or even "light" for some poor female-bodied individuals, but that doesn't make it acceptable!) And then followed up by another few days of pretty much the exact same symptoms.

Bored of hurting now, can I stop soon?

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thekumquat From: thekumquat Date: 7th August 2014 18:07 (UTC) (Link)


Coils are odd things. When I got mine, refusing to have any hormones included, I was pleasantly surprised to find I ended up with suddenly totally pain-free, if rather heavier, periods.
Hopefully if like me you start with shedloads of pain, it might actually help?
barakta From: barakta Date: 7th August 2014 20:51 (UTC) (Link)
I was very lucky my Mirena insertion was impressively not painful, a bit achey for a few days etc. It did make my periods "about as painful" for the first 3 months but does seem to be working if we believe the dodginess is actually thyroidfail not Mirenafail. My periods aren't heavy but were stupidpainful so it's nice not to have that and I think jointfail is reducing which was my primary reason for Mirenaring the sodding uterus. I still need to decide if we eliminate thyroidfail if I want to change my coil to a copper one just in case the hormones are messing with me somewhat but... The unknown.

Hope the pain keeps settling soon and you get the better effects from Mirena - you deserve something to work well for you!
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