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The dangers of mixing mothers with livejournal.

While I was editing that last post, my mother came up behind me asking a question. I was busy thinking, so didn't answer it straight away. She went on talking at me, and my input buffer started to overflow. So to get my attention, she grabbed my hair, which is a bit wet, and said "I'm talking to you curly wurly", or something like that. *shudder*. I hate having my hair touched unexpectedly. I don't much like it at the best of times. So I just YELLED at her. And poor Alexa must think now that i'm evil violent h-l or something.

I can't really describe this. Surely she could see I was thinking? I mean, she's my mother, she knows how I work. She's had long enough to work it out, anyway. Now my stomach's all upset so I'm farting all over the room and gassing Alexa, and my mother's in a sulk. Hmmm.
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