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Some health stuff, not very interesting.

Oh, marking my mood as aggravated has made me remember what I was going to post about before the mother incident happened. I usually have a pretty good sense of where I am in my menstrual cycle by how I feel emotionally - I have a very clear mood pattern presumably correlating with hormones. However, since I've been in this bad depression for the past three weeks, I have no idea where I am because I feel lousy all the time. Past two days, I've been having a couple of nightmares each night, and today I seem to be much more irritable than normal - plus I have low belly and breast pain, so I'm clearly premenstrual - I just don't know how premenstrual *sigh*.

My cold is getting better at the rate I expected it to. I think it's fitting my usual pattern:
day 1 - Friday - waking up with a sore throat, feeling wheezy, not realising it was a cold until the evening.
day 2 - Saturday - start of cold - tried to go to the shops briefly to buy a birthday present and returned drenched in sweat. Couldn't sleep because my nose was completely blocked and I couldn't breathe.
day 3 - Sunday - felt like shit most of the day. Slept in late and not enough. Blocked nose and sore throat. Digestive system decided to make itself known.
day 4 - Monday - still felt like shit. But at least my nose was starting to clear. As a result I was coughing lots.
day 5 - Tuesday - runny nose instead of blocked, and lots of coughing. Got tired, sweaty and wheezy when I went to the shops again, but not quite as badly.
day 6 - Wednesday - probably will have to go into work even though I still feel ill because I'm not so ill that I can't and I need the money. Grrr. See how I feel in the morning, I suppose.

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