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A jolly poly holiday - maybe.

So I finally have my trip to Canada booked. I'm flying to Toronto on Friday 28th August to meet Shifty. He's American, but lives close enough to the border that Toronto is pretty much the nearest major city.

Then Richard's flying over on Thursday 3rd September and all three of us are going to hang out until Sunday 6th September. Then Shifty's going home and Richard and I are going to Montréal until Thursday 10th September, whereupon we fly home.

Any potential burglars who are reading this and think that they can break into our house while we're away, please note that it will be guarded by a vicious Attack Mother. Which is worse than a dog, because a dog will only bite you... my mother will talk you to death!

Anyway, if you are located in Toronto or Montréal and might want to meet up with us while we're over, please read below the cut-tag.

In Toronto, we're staying in the Novotel in North York because it appears to be the only hotel in the whole of Toronto that has accessible rooms that can accommodate three people. A few places have "two doubles" but I can't sleep in a standard Canadian double bed with another person. I have a chronic pain condition that leads me to yelp or scream if touched unexpectedly, and it's not very conducive to my falling asleep to be squashed up against another human. The other morning Richard kissed my shoulder as he was leaving for work, and I woke up yelling in his face, and then couldn't get back to sleep for many hours.

In Montréal, we're staying in the Novotel Montreal Centre. If you think there is some sort of Novotel theme going on here, you'd be correct - I have a loyalty card for Accor Hotels and generally stay in one of them if I have the choice, because they're absolutely identical. I can go into any Ibis in the world and it's the same as any other Ibis in the world and I really appreciate that.

If you'd like to hang out with me & Shifty in Toronto (and I would really like to introduce him to some nice poly people), I imagine that Monday 31st August to Wednesday 2nd September would be a good time. Before that, we're just going to be all over each other and it's going to be nauseating and ... yeah.

If you'd like to hang out with me, Shifty, and Richard in Toronto, then Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th September would be a good time. Before that, the two of them are going to be circling each other like anxious bears. Speaking of bears, I am pretty sure that Friday 4th will be spent at Toronto Zoo unless it happens to be raining. It has THREE types of bear, plus wolves.

If you'd like to hang out with me and Richard in Montréal, then any day from Monday 7th to Thursday 10th September is just fine. We have no real plans other than spending a serious amount of time at the Musée des Beaux-Arts and visiting the delightful vegan cake shop Sophie Sucrée, probably a whole load of times. Actually, I have the restaurant schedule pretty much booked... we found so many awesome places to eat last time we were in Montréal and we'll want to go to all of them again. Except the one that was a vegan version of an American diner, their food was beyond disgusting. I am pretty sure that mustard isn't supposed to be sweet.

Oh yes, and please let me know if you have a safe place in Toronto where Shifty can leave his car. He's looking at the airport pricing and the hotel pricing because he lives in the arse end of nowhere and so cannot possibly imagine not needing a car, but I'm pretty sure we won't need it. Not least of all because we won't even be able to get the wheelchair into it.
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