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Notes to self.

1) You are chronically short of calcium. When assailed by a random pain, consider calcium deficiency before assuming you're about to drop dead.

Since I've been lactose intolerant, I've been running on a permanent calcium shortage. Which is a bad thing, especially with me (a) being female and (b) having a family history of osteoporosis. I've been trying to take a daily calcium supplement, but I do sometimes forget. I've had a pain in my lowest left rib all day and couldn't work out why until I also got a pain in my right hip, which is my usual indicator of "gah! forgot the damned calcium again!". So I've taken two calcium tablets and washed them down with chocolate So Good, which is the one soya milk I can actually bear to drink, and which coincidentally contains more calcium than cows' milk!

2) When you are heating milk, do not allow yourself to get distracted by livejournal. This inevitably leads to mess.

As I'd just made chocolate soya milk for myself, I made a hot chocolate for Alexa too. Unfortunately, while it was heating, I came back into the computer room to check on her java download and got distracted by all the Words on my screen. Five minutes later I wandered back in to talk to her, heard the microwave still whirring and ... ack! boiling chocolate milk all over the inside of the microwave!

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